How To Survive Zombie Attacks
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How To Survive Zombie Attacks

Things to have on hand for a zombie attack:

A flashlight, a club, chainsaw, first aid kit and there are more items but, for now you should get these. A flashlight is good for seeing (of course) also good for scaring the zombies. The club can knock the zombies out. Chainsaws are good for killing, keeping in mind, they do make a tremendous amount of noise.

What to do at your house:

Stay calm and relax. Go eat and do have fun and ignore the noises surrounding you. If the walls are breaking down and if you hear slaughtering, killing, bloody screaming; stay calm and continue what you where doing. Remember most of all to have no fear. If a wall falls down get your chainsaw or weapons. Kill some of the zombies then go back to whatever you were doing. If you have a two story house go up and hide, if they come towards you or follow you kill them or climb down the stairs and run to your car (if you have one). Drive fast but not to fast, because noise is not good here, better yet, run but if you donít want to risk it go ahead and drive. WARNING! You may drive but if you do, you may get a damaged car at the end so; maybe running is a better idea?

If the zombies catch you try and shake them off. If your in a r or if your running kill them and go as fast as you can till you see a spot light. Stay there as they will go away. After the zombies leave run for help or shelter and if you have to sacrifice yourself go ahead but, let me warn you it may not be your best idea, because there is probably still more zombies. So, if you want go ahead only if your positive you will kill them all!

I hope you survive and if you do be sure to tell everyone you are alive. Get people to come and help and record your message, then if you get assistance they will be glad to help you so donít be shy. I bet they need help as much as you do. Good luck and I hope you have killed all the zombies so mankind can continue!

I hope you have enjoyed my Zombie guide and wish you luck in your adventures in the world of Zombies.

Future guides will be coming soon here at Joe Takers Site...Future guides will be coming soon here at Joe Takers Site...Future guides will be coming soon here at Joe Takers Site

Your Helper,

Joe Taker The Zombie Hunter